Avnish Burman Choudhury

Avnish Burman Choudhury is a financial services professional who thoroughly enjoys writing works of fiction. Born in Kolkata, raised in New Delhi, with a year spent in Hyderabad and another in the United Kingdom – he has had varied, enriching experiences in his life: experiences that he sometimes combines with his imagination to weave his tales.

His love of writing has seen him write three books: Six Lines in the Sand: Tales of Awakening, Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories, and 3X3: Tales Uncommonly Told. This same love also saw him take a near three-year break from financial services to work as a professional ghostwriter.

Avnish currently resides in New Delhi, where he has struck a happy balance between the world of financial services, and his life as an author.



When you feel like your back is against the wall, and you’ll lose everything you hold dear unless you take drastic measures…how far will you go to protect yourself…how low will you fall?

A picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words – a picture can inspire hope, confidence and change too. But…does the list end there? Can a picture inspire…madness, perhaps? Or maybe even…treachery?

Love, growth and purpose can be found all around us. They’re not just the by-products of reaching pre-defined milestones in life…sometimes, they can go hand-in-paw with spontaneous acts of kindness on a terrible, terrible day…

3X3, the third book by author Avnish Burman Choudhury, is a collection of three tales exploring some of the bad, some of the good, and some of the beauty that can be found in life. With stories touching upon the themes of deceit, crime, desperation, insidious manipulation, blind hope, personal growth and love, this collection of tales offers a lot for fans of fiction to dive into.


Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories

Would you be able to escape a raging inferno, if your only way out was blocked by your deepest fears? Would you manage to survive on your own, or would you need someone’s help…anyone’s help…
Should we fear those among us who perform seemingly impossible feats, or should we try and understand them instead? And in doing so, might we learn something that may enrich our own lives?
Are changes in our relationships always brought about by arguments and force? Or may they sometimes come to pass effortlessly, through sheer good fortune?
When you look in the mirror, how certain are you that the person looking back at you is truly…you? What if it isn’t…and what if they…don’t like you?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…correct? How about: never do unto others, what you would never have them do unto you? This applies to everyone: you, me, and even the occasional serial killer.
A bereft heart heals on its own. And with a little comfort and honesty, it may find love again…even where there was none to begin with.
With tales of supernatural occurrences, fantasy, crime, love and personal growth, Dreamtamer and Other Short Stories explores multiple genres through a collection of six works of fiction. There’s a little something for everyone, and a lot for lovers of a good tale.


Six Lines in the Sand

Six Lines in the Sand: Tales of Awakening was author Avnish Burman Choudhury’s first foray into the world of structured storytelling. This raw collection of six short stories explores some of the varying emotions and experiences to be found in life. Romance, betrayal, lust and a sense of comeuppance are just some of the themes touched upon in these tales.

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Kalith : Tiyasa’s Malediction

The aftermath of the Battle of Agnipur has set the sun completely on the lives of The King’s Nine.


Khyati Agrawal’s upcoming book comes as a relief for those bored of western fantasy novels.

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The perfect book for those who are bored of reading western fantasy fiction books and are searching for a desi fantasy fiction book which will keep them glued.

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With utmost creativity, she has penned down the story which perfectly blends fantasy and suspense. The characters, incidents, and presentation of the narration make it interesting and relatable.

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Pick for this week.

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Khyati, the author of ‘Kalith’ wants her story to live in the hearts of the readers forever.

- Aditi Bose, lovewordie.com

The novel does an excellent job when it comes to its characters. Each one of them is given time to shine and leave a mark on the readers.

- Imagine India Project

With this book, the author has really marked her entry into the literary world and proved the capability of creating a wonderfully crafted world of myths and fantasies.

- Illumination, eraofillumination.wordpress.com


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